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From decades of practical experience the Digital Place Solutions team offers

Display Technology OOH Media Services
Design & Specify Displays Broad Media expertise Media Commercialisation strategy
Manufacturer evaluation OOH Sector expertise Site evaluations
Manufacture/Produce OOH Sector Revenue Insights Property DA project management
Import & deliver OOH Strategy Future Technology Trends
Install methodology Supervise/Evaluating Tenders Technical/systems health checks
Install and commission
Maintenance/Repair service


For more than a decade Digital Place Solutions has assisted progressive clients gain a commercial edge through achieving their ideal digital display needs; consumer engagement ambition; and commercial negotiations – always with a clear point of difference and a business outlook in mind.

Digital Place Solutions offers property owners, their designers, architects and engineers the guidance to unlock digital visualisation solutions that deliver public engagement, digital experiences and brand differentiation, while creating new income streams.

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Stockland TWIST Icon Rotating Digital Display – Green Hills Shopping Centre, NSW