Welcome to Digital Place Solutions

From decades of practical experience Digital Place Solutions offers

  • Digital Display Consultancy – Display and network design and specification; display technology evaluation; audit existing display/network
  • Digital Display Acquisition – design, procure, install and commission
  • Digital Display Support – programmed service and maintenance
  • OOH Media Consultancy – sector and segment insights; business plan assessment; investment evaluation

Digital Place Solutions assists proactive clients gain a commercial edge through achieving their digital display and consumer engagement ambitions, always with a clear point of difference and a business outlook in mind.

Digital Place Solutions offers property owners, and their designers and architects, the guidance to unlock digital visualisation solutions that deliver customer engagement, digital experiences and brand differentiation, along with the potentail to create new income streams.


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The Time Piece, AMP Karrinyup, WA - Double-sided 4.7mm portrait, Four-sided 2.5mm Clock, and Rotator, Custom Housing

The Timepiece, AMP Karrinyup, WA – Double-sided 4.7mm Portrait, Four-sided 2.5mm Clock, Rotator, Custom Housing