AMP Pacific Fair – Concept to Reality

AMP Capital Pacific Fair, Broadbeach – Gold Coast, QLD

Winner of the NanoLumens Inc. International Crystal Nixel Award 2015

From Concept to Reality 

The project to deliver the spectacular displays for Pacific Fair started more than 18 months prior to that part of the mall opening on the 20th August of 2015. Digital Place Solutions started working with AMP on the concepts and designs for the displays as the architects were developing their vision for the mall. See Video

Winning project awarded the NanoLumens Inc. International Crystal Nixel Award 2015

AMP’s Bryan Hynes, Lisa King, and Narelle Hutchins with Stephen Rubie DPS, Lenny Morrill NanoLumens and Gerry Thorley DPS







Phase 1 – Concepts

The design and Development team at AMP knew that the Pacific Fair redevelopment would require some ground breaking advertising displays to match the exceptional architectural design of the redeveloped mall.

The design brief was for two iconic digital displays in different areas of the mall that would generate advertising revenue as well as enhance the ambience of the space for consumers.

Digital place solutions started work with AMP gathering research data on innovative international displays to build a volume of reference material for the designs.


The mall design team had built a strong pallet of themes around the mall being Surf, Sand and Hinterland all linking to the local environment and community of the mall. The display design themes that emerged from the early concept work called for curved display shapes to compliment the organic nature of the architecture.

Digital Place Solutions worked with LED manufacturer NanoLumens and local design partner Tiller design to deliver a series of curved design options that provided a platform for the AMP commercial teams advertising requirement yet remained consistent with the architecture.

After a number of refinements around these options a preferred design emerged for each site.PF concept sidePhase 2 – designs

The Reef design for the spectacular oculus atrium space was an array of curved displays. These displays were arranged in an expanded cylindrical format with each display strategically positioned to address consumers at each point of the oculus triangle. The curves were flattened to an arc of 50 degrees to ensure that the finished product was perpendicular to the consumer access points. High gloss reflective panels were added to the rear of the displays and an 1000 piece glass ‘bubble’ chandelier was added to the centre of the array.

The preferred design for the Myer atrium space was a wave shape, this required an LED that could be shaped across both faces of the curve. The display needed to provide sufficient curve to compliment the malls aesthetic yet also provide a standard advertising platform for advertising clients.

Shapes a

Phase 3 – Design to fabrication.

As the display project took shape the designs moved to fabrication where a specialist team of manufacture and installation expertise was pulled together. Digital Place Solutions provided the project management and coordination between the NanoLumens design and engineering team, with the AMP design and development team, and Digi Corporate, who were charged with the installation of the displays.

It was evident during the rigorous pre assembly testing and fabrication procedures at NanoLumens in Atlanta that these displays were going to be something special. Digi Corporate engineers worked with the NanoLumens team in Atlanta to finalise the testing and assembly to ensure that the displays were safely packed for shipping to Australia.

Pacific Fair Myer Atrium NanoLumens custom build WAVE portrait banner in 6mm

Pacific Fair Myer Atrium NanoLumens custom build WAVE portrait banner in 6mm

Phase 4 – Installation

Digi Corporate was also engaged by AMP to complete the suspension structure for the displays which required their specialist engineering and rigging skills. Once this stage was completed the pre assembly of the displays began and with the assistance of the NanoLumens senior project engineer Lenny Morrill the displays started coming together. The experienced team was able to install all 3 displays making up The Reef in just over 5 days, well before the scheduled mall opening. The Myer display was installed after the opening ceremony in an existing area of the centre. The Myer display known as The Wave came together in 3 days. Considering the complications of the double sided double curved shape it is a testament to the engineering accuracy of the NanoLumens products and the skills of the Digi corporate assembly team. Time Lapse Install Video


The viewing angles and perfect curvature of the NanoLumens displays made the whole design concept possible. In reality it is an excellent demonstration of thoughtful design using an innovative product to deliver a design brief with sound commercial outcomes.

The Technical Challenges that were overcome included:

  • Displays required a very wide viewing angle to provide a consistent colour image across viewing angles of the curves,
  • The displays required a fine pixel pitch to provide excellent viewing detail even at the relatively close viewing distances of the first floor balconies.
  • The displays needed to be light weight to allow for a simple suspension system with minimal rigging
  • The displays need to be super slim and compliment the organic curves of the space
Pacific Fair Oculus Atrium - NanoLumens three custom built portraits create a chandelier in 5mm curve LED

Pacific Fair – The Reef – situated in the oculus Atrium – NanoLumens three custom built portraits create a chandelier in 5mm curve LED


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