Best In Class

Digital Place Solutions provides three streams of client service – a consulting and advisory stream; a sourcing and supply stream of innovative digital display solutions, and display service and maintenance on a proactive programmed basis.

We do not profess to be a one stop shop for all digital challenges. Instead we assist clients identify where they are today, what they want to achieve for the future and plan an execution path including services and products to achieve the goal.

By collaborating with best in class specialists for each assignment, Digital Place Solutions ensures our clients receive an outcome tailored for their needs and agnostic to technical alliances.

Digital Place Solutions draws on a variety of specialists subject to each project’s needs. These include – DOOH advice including sector intel, display solutions, project management, structural engineering assessment and certification, DA projects for external greenfield digital billboard developments as well as digital transformations of existing classic static OOH. Also content creation, content management, technology applications, financial and business plan evaluation, consumer research and insights, training and education.


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