QIC Castle Towers – Designing a Large Format DOOH Portfolio for a single Mall

QIC Castle Towers (Sydney)

In December 2019, Castle Towers, located in Sydney’s Castle Hill and owned and managed by QIC Global Real Estate (QICGRE), unveiled its game-changing $180 million expansion – introducing a vibrant marketplace and food court linked by pedestrian tunnel to Castle Hill metro station.

To complement the retail transformation, QICGRE set about establishing a large-format digital display network, comprising four LED displays at key customer locations. Digital Place Solutions (DPS) partnered with QICGRE to provide design, procurement, installation and commissioning expertise. The network is being rolled out progressively across the Centre.

The first display was planned for a high value fashion precinct. Suspended in an atrium void, the slim-line double-sided portrait display was installed and commissioned in July 2019. The display is 2.4 metres wide by 4.3 metres high in 3.8mm pixel pitch, delivering a high-quality resolution of 640 pixels by 1120 pixels in 9:16 aspect ratio. Able to be seen by shoppers across three levels of the atrium, the size and high impact of the double-sided display delivers powerful messaging for QIC GRE’s third party brand advertising clients.

In December 2019 Castle Towers was connected to the new Castle Hill metro station via a new pedestrian tunnel. QICGRE chose the new tunnel entryway to the Centre as the location for a second large-format digital display. DPS designed the large landscape display, which was embedded in the entry wall. The LED display measures 8.5 metres long by 2.5 metres high. In 2.9mm pixel pitch, the display provides outstanding resolution of 2856 pixels by 840 pixels. The display aspect ratio is 32:9. QIC GRE chose the landscape media format for ease of content management and sales opportunities across its growing large format DOOH network.

Providing maximum flexibility and impact the Metro connection display was featured on the opening day as the backdrop for the official speeches and to exhibit the high impact launch and countdown video.

DPS is currently progressing a third internal display. The manufacture, delivery and commissioning are anticipated to culminate in mid-2020. With a proposal for the display to be located in the highest impact location within the Centre, the large landscape display will be in high demand by advertisers. Watch this space…

A fourth display is situated in the car park, at a major intersection point to capture customers arriving by car. Previously situated inside the Centre, DPS relocated the display for QICGRE to the car park, extending the useful commercial life of the display while making way for the new double-sided suspended portrait display located internally.