GPT Melbourne Central Tower

GPT – Melbourne Central Tower (Melbourne)

Slim double-sided Large Format LED Project 

This installation of NanoLumens first visual display retail solution in Australia is the culmination of a close, multi-year collaboration between The GPT Group and NanoLumens and its regional sales representative, Digital Place Solutions. GPT’s John Rankin – Divisional Director Retail, was looking to create a sensational, eye-popping advertising platform that would reach up to 120,000 people passing through the centre every day. See Video

Double-sided 6.7m x 3.8m in 6mm

Double-sided 6.7m x 3.8m in 6mm NanoLumens

The double-sided 6.7m x 3.8m NanoLumens 6mm class hi-resolution LED display is suspended in the iconic conical shaped atrium of Melbourne’s busiest business, entertainment, transit and lifestyle crossroad. The banner’s elegant slim form factor is only 165mm deep.

Melbourne Central is a landmark retail property located in the Melbourne Central Business District. GPT’s redevelopment of the retail component in 2005 converted a traditional regional shopping center into Melbourne’s premier retail, leisure and lifestyle destination. Surrounding the historic Shot Tower, Melbourne Central features contemporary fashion retailers as well as a vibrant entertainment precinct. With over 300 retailers, the shopping center covers two city blocks and is conveniently located directly above the Melbourne Central train station.

According to GPT’s John Rankin, this location is precisely what he was looking to turn into a premier advertising medium — something he was able to achieve with the NanoLumens display.  “To stand out in an environment like this the display has to be extremely bright and sharp in terms of image resolution.  The images themselves have to be presented in a seamless way that doesn’t detract from the marketer’s message.  A key ingredient was sourcing a lightweight display solution considering the glass atrium construction and NanoLumens was ideal for this purpose.”

“Melbourne Central sits at the very heart of the city’s central business district,” explained Gerry Thorley, co-founder and Director of Digital Place Solutions. “The GPT Group sought to create a compelling visual display solution to engage and galvanize the attention of the many thousands of pedestrians who pass through the atrium every day.  When we presented GPT Divisional Director John Rankin with the NanoLumens solution, he immediately understood the impact the display would have on pedestrians and, more importantly, on the marketers seeking to reach these pedestrians.”

The NanoLumens solution delivered on all of GPT’s key objectives including – light weight, high resolution, slim form factor, high sustainability credentials including negligible radiated heat and a high percentage of recycled components.

“The location of the display couldn’t be better,” Thorley emphasized and NanoLumens is the only manufacturer and marketer of LED display solutions that backs up its claims for reliability with a six-year, zero failure warranty.

The NanoLumens solution was recommended by Digital Place Solutions. The displays were installed by AV systems integrator Mediatec Asia Pacific.

Double-sided 6.7m x 3.8m in 6mm

Double-sided 6.7m x 3.8m in 6mm NanoLumens

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