NanoLumens Debuts Outdoor Gallery Series – American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida

Redefining the performance standards for outdoor visualization solutions, NanoLumens, announced the introduction of the NanoLumens Outdoor Gallery Series – the world’s first true curved, outdoor LED solution that can be built in any size, shape or curvature in pixel pitches ranging from 4MM to 9MM.

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NanoLumens Director of Research and Development Robert Cross said. “The new Outdoor Gallery Series reinforces our ability to exceed industry expectations in every display category by offering outdoor solutions featuring pixel pitches ranging from 4MM to 9MM for close proximity viewing. We are proud to bring this first-of-its kind solution to market.”

First seen in the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, the Outdoor Gallery Series is engineered to perform optimally in all types of outdoor environments. The six Outdoor Gallery Series solutions that were installed in South Florida were built for a “salt fog” environment, where each display can withstand the corrosive ocean air, operate seamlessly in temperatures up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and in wind speeds exceeding 186 miles per hour. Although not every Outdoor Gallery Series solution will require such extreme features, NanoLumens’ expert team of engineers can alter the configuration of each Outdoor Gallery Series solution to meet a specific environment. Within the AmericanAirlines Arena’s Xfinity East Plaza project, NanoLumens Outdoor Gallery Series was recognized by Installation International Magazine as a 2016 InstallAwards Star Product finalist in the entertainment category.

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The high brightness of the Outdoor Gallery Series solution offers viewers a clear, vivid picture at any time of day. “If you’ve ever looked at a smartphone screen on a sunny day, you’ve most likely had to move to the shade to see any content,” Cross added. “The NanoLumens LED solution has best in class brightness, making it suitable for the most demanding environmental conditions.”

According to Cross, the vast majority of outdoor display products are intended for long distance viewing, like something that might be seen on a billboard or way up high on a building. “By reducing our pixel pitch to 4MM to 9MM, we’re able to bring the display closer to the viewer, so they can interact with it with more intimacy. For example, the Outdoor Gallery Series is perfect for outdoor gathering areas, sports arena mezzanines, or transportation depots where the display is exposed to a wide gamut of conditions, and people are very close to the signage.”

NanoLumens understands that every client has unique requirements that need to be met and the new Outdoor Gallery Series can be tailored in any size, shape, or curvature to meet each customer’s specific set of requirements.

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