Skyfii’s IO platform is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application with an integrated suite of core modules designed for the connected world: IO Connect, IO Insight and IO Engage.

  • IO Connect provides connectivity for data ingestion into the IO platform. Using IO Connect customers can configure a range of data inputs and outputs such Guest WiFi, BLE beacons, web browsing data, web analytics data, and more. Customers can also integrate CRM or POS systems and more.
  • IO Insight is the analytics and operational intelligence component of the IO platform. Using IO Insight customers can conduct deep level of analysis around collected data allowing them to gain invaluable insights that are relevant to their business. IO Insight provides an extensive suite of dashboards, widgets and reports as standard.
  • IO Engage is the marketing engagement component of the IO platform that provides marketers tools to reach their customers based on the intelligence gained from IO Insight. Users can analyze the data and identify marketing opportunities based on visitor behavior and then use the campaign and content delivery capability of IO Engage to reach those visitors with highly personalized messages.

Businesses improve the user experiences by understanding their behavior:

  • Understand visitors
    Build insights into a venues visitors and what drives them to come back.
  • Traffic analysis
    Visualize and measure how visitors move around venues and interact within the physical space
  • Improveoperational efficiency
    Better manage resources and reduce operational costs.
  • Measure conversion
    Visualize the sales funnel for in-store sales and measure the conversion rate
  • Marketing attribution
    Attribute physical and digital sales to their relative marketing channels to measure ROI of advertising spend
  • Targeted reach
    Turn visitors into customers and reach them when they are most likely to make a purchase

About Skyfii:

Skyfii is a market leader in Guest Wi-Fi and venue analytics globally serving a growing portfolio of customers from major destination shopping centers to individual retailers, Quick Service Retailers, hospitality venues, municipalities, education, and more. We capture multiple sources of data so clients can better understand visitor behavior improving user experiences by delivering more relevant and engaging content.

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