Sydney Rail Underground Project

Sydney Rail Underground – New Digital Display Network

Digital Place solutions coordinated the supply and delivery of 13 Panasonic LED displays, the project timing called for an extremely fast production and delivery cycle of just on 60 days. DPS and Panasonic were able to meet the project timing despite it being across the Christmas holiday period.

The large format Panasonic displays are a combination of 6mm and 4mm units deployed at various audience throat points throughout the major city stations in the underground rail network.

Town Hall 4mm WOW Wall

Town Hall 4mm WOW Wall

All of the displays are rated at 2,000 Nits and have a 140 degree viewing angle to provide impact from any axis.

To ensure maximum flexibility and access for clients the displays are of standard formats either conformant with 16 x 9 television standards or digital billboard formats of 32 x 9. The Panasonic display controllers have been interfaced with Ryarc media players.

Despite the locations being accessible to the public the displays have been deployed without any protective front covering, as a testament to the ruggedness of the Panasonic design there have been very few instances of LED tile breakages due to vandalism.

The 4mm displays are the tightest pitch LED displays available in the media and advertising sector and have been packaged in conjunction with audience interactive elements to create ‘WOW walls’.

The 6mm displays are located on bulkheads in areas of high traffic flow and  long viewing distances. These sites provide enormous advertising impact in locations that would otherwise have limited advertising opportunities.

With access limitations the displays were customised to meet the clients specific requirements of having all ancillary equipment such as the display controllers located within the display unit.

Wynyard 6mm Bulkhead

Wynyard 6mm Bulkhead

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