‘Unmissable’ Broadway

Mirvac Broadway (Sydney)

Large format Internal LED display Project 

oOh!media Limited, a leading Australian out of home media company, prides itself on creating “unmissable” media solutions that can’t be  switched off, blocked, muted or skipped.  So when this digital media company had the opportunity to introduce a show-stopping display advertising solution in Australia’s most productive shopping centre in Australia, Mirvac’s Broadway Sydney, they turned to Digital Place Solutions and NanoLumens for innovative thinking that they couldn’t find anywhere else. 

Light weight, Slim & Hi-Resolution 4mm NanoSlim

oOh! is thrilled with the end result.  “Broadway shoppers are key marketing targets for oOh! clients,” said Blair Hamilford, Commercial Director at oOh!media. “Being able to activate this high value location with such a high quality, high resolution NanoLumens display has been important in growing our large format retail digital network nationally.” 

According to Stephen Rubie, Director of consultancy Digital Place Solutions, NanoLumens’ representative in the region, “Broadway Sydney is located on the fringe of the Sydney central business district and services the growing catchment of Sydney’s inner city and inner west, with over 27,000 workers in a 1km radius. The centre is anchored by Coles, Kmart, Target, Hoyts, Aldi and Apple Store and includes more than 140 specialty stores. Broadway Sydney was ranked ‘Number 1’ in Shopping Centre Council of Australia’s ‘Big Guns’ Awards for annual turnover per square metre, four years in a row.” 

When it came time to design an LED display for this marquis installation, Rubie knew that a traditional LED display just wouldn’t make the cut. The location chosen by oOh! meant close viewing proximity for shoppers which demanded a high resolution specification and an attractive visual presence. 

“Because of NanoLumens’ lightweight technology, we were able to utilize unused internal airspace within the central atrium of the shopping center without incurring any additional structural costs,” he explained.  “We were able to suspend an impressive double-sided LED display within the atrium area that is surrounded by three levels of escalators. The net result is that advertising digital content is seen by virtually everyone who comes into the Broadway Sydney!” 

The installation is comprised of a double-sided 4.5MM pixel pitch NanoSlim banner that measures 2.44m wide x 4.42m high (resolution of 512 pixels wide x 928 pixels high) and weighs a mere 573kg. “We simply couldn’t have achieved the desired result with any other solution from any other manufacturer,” Rubie emphasized. “The aesthetically pleasing slim form factor and the high resolution specification of the NanoLumens display is already impressing those in the advertising and retail community that have seen it.”  Image Gallery

For NanoLumens, the Broadway installation is their first heavily trafficked retail location in Sydney. “With our Australia partner, Digital Place Solutions, this is the first NanoLumens display in a high visibility location in Sydney,” said NanoLumens Vice President of Strategic Accounts Almir DeCarvalho “This installation also represents an important milestone that demonstrates to prospective properties that display quality and product performance are essential to the achievement their future sales and marketing goals.  The Broadway Shopping Center raises the bar of excellence for everyone in retail.” 

The NanoLumens display solution was specified and recommended by Digital Place Solutions. The display was installed by AV systems integrator Certeq

Mirvac Broadway Shopping Centre (oOh!media) NanoLumens 4mm Double Sided Portrait LED Banner

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